PU SKIN Benefits

CORIUM outperforms competitors under almost any condition.

  • Design freedom
  • Endless array of textures, grains, multi-tones and colours
  • Waterproof materia, without stitches
  • High durability and toughness
  • High in value

Product Specifications

Composition: all 100% polyurethane
(paint, skin, foam)
Thickness (astm e 376-06):
Paint: 0.05 – 0.10 mm.
Skin: 0.9 – 1.2 mm.
Density (astm 3574 a):
Skin: 0.97 g/cm3
Foam: 50 – 85 g/dm3
Temperature max: 90 c (194 f)
Mildew resistance: 100%
Voc: free

Product specifications

Meets or exceeds:

  • Abrasion: wysenbeek wear (10 000)
  • Mar resistance: ford bi 161-01
  • Scratch resistance: ford bn 108-13
  • Gloss & delta e adhesion 2000 h: quv x 2000h, florida 6mos, florida 18mos
  • Tear astm 3574 f
  • Tensile strenght: astm 3574 e
  • Elongation: astm 3574 e
  • Hardness shore a: astm d2240
  • Flexibility (- 40c): astm d4145


  • Crocking: aatcc8, class 5 wet & dry
  • Gas: aatcc grade 5, class 4-5
  • Light: sae j1960 – 1000, sae j1960 - 2000 (post humidity & adhesion)


  • Recovery 79% astm 3574 b1
  • Support factor: 3 astm 3574 b1
  • Compression set: 15 % astm 3574 d

F/R rating:

  • CAL 117
  • FMVSS 302

Corium 3 Years Warranty

Except as otherwise provided below , Corium Urethane Technology inc. (Corium) warrants, only and strictly to the original purchaser/user, its advanced Polyurethane components (PU-Skin and Foam) to be free of manufacture and construction defects in material and workmanship under ”normal use”, meaning the use of the product in connection with its customary use and purpose, for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser/user. This warranty does not cover products rendered unserviceable by intentional damages or damages caused by accident, misuse, failure to provide care and maintenance according to manufacturer’s instructions, negligence of any person other than Corium’s employee, damages caused by neighbouring parts, fire, accidental burns, vandalism or other casualty. Any alteration to the product or unauthorized repair voids this warranty. The purchaser/user must report any defects promptly to its retailer with proof of purchase. If a repair is covered under the warranty, and is necessary, arrangements will be made by your retailer. All replacement components covered under warranty will be completed free of charge and within a reasonable period of time after Corium has received the merchandise at its factory. The original purchaser/user will be responsible for packaging and transportation charges to Corium’s factory from purchaser/user’s residence and return from Corium factory.

Maintenance and Normal Care Instructions

  • Clean regularly with soap and water to prevent excessive dirt from accumulating.
  • Clean up spills soon after they occur.
  • Remove stains with an alcohol base product or using 5/1-water/bleach solution rinse with clear water and towel dry.